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Real Estate Portfolio Review



The client is running a $1 billion real estate portfolio across the GCC and EU.

Driven by the internet in identifying and roll-out the leading practice across the whole portfolio, the client expressed the interest in conducting a point-in-time assessment of the portfolio. Three mega development in the GCC we sampled for the analysis over a course of six months.

Our Approach

It was essential to establish a standard approach to the analysis. We design the research methodology to identify common themes between programmes and establish a unified approach for comparison of performance and management issues.

Project documents were reviewed and key personnel were interviewed. 

The initial findings were triangulated in secondary research and findings were tested for significance.


The three programmes showed diversified approach to management of projects.


The three programmes were similar in terms of size, asset class, current stage and complexity of design. However, there was limited evidence of transfer of knowledge across the whole portfolio despite the similarities.

Common themes were identified and the client was recommended to develop a unified approach to managing the portfolio based on revised processes and procedures and robust project controls and reporting hierarchy.

Programme and project managers were recommended to share their knowledge in quarterly forum to create more synergy across the portfolio and supply chain.